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Vintage house decoration can also be described as the use of antique furniture in the old style, and its use in home decoration. The focal point of the vintage decor is to give life back to the old and used furniture and use them again in the decoration.

Vintage decoration is the furniture or accessories used between 1920-1950 and reflect the fashion of that period by blending with the concept of your home furnishings. It reflects the style of people who love old and want to live. In this article we will tell you what vintage decoration is, how it is made, vintage decoration ideas and today’s vintage fashion.

However, all the tricky points of this decoration must be known in order to apply a good vintage style home decoration. Examples of decoration in which stained furniture is not adopted and the pastel shades dominate the overall atmosphere of the house indicate vintage style in general.

While small furnishings are located at the most elegant corner of the house, many accessories belonging to the period cover many areas, especially the house walls. Vintage wall decor must have old things and stuffs.

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Instead of tulle curtains, curtains are preferred with thick floral fabrics, decoration is provided with floral fabrics used in sofas and chairs. Also you can use lace curtains in your bedroom decoraiton.

The most important item of vintage decoration is known as lace. If it reflects your style, you can use lace in bedspreads and coffee table covers in your vintage home decor. The lace fashion that returns to the old days will add a nostalgic feel to your home. Vintage, reminiscent of the coastal houses with its general appearance, is preferred by those who love to have peaceful colors at home. It is necessary to realize the general decoration in this color frame by choosing a plain and light color for the room to be decorated with vintage home decor.

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Soil tones and white color are predominant colors in this way. Light pink, blue and green are frequently used in furniture fabrics and curtains.

The vintage houses, which are a simple home decor, fill up with flowery and lively items as a showcase.

Bedroom decorating ideas with vintage furniture: Bedrooms can be modified to suit this style of decoration on the bed head. Particularly, the wrought iron bed headings give a beautiful appearance by reflecting the old. When decorating vintage, it will be small but effective, for example, to reflect a vintage lampshade or frame style over your nightstand.

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The important place in this style of interior decoration is to create a remarkable and unexpected focal point. For example, a modern lampstand with red flowers that can be used in a simple saloon, or pouffe to sit, is recommended because it will add extraordinary air to the entire space. Using an old clock in a modern living room will add a different atmosphere to the room.

The most effective place to change in kitchen decoration is tables and chairs also kitchen valances. Creating a vintage kitchen decor on the curtains will make your kitchen feel warm. Despite the fact that the furniture reflects the old era, the masterfully furnished vintage houses reminiscent of antiquity and at the same time seem quite modern.

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The vintage interior decoration, which is a wonderful alternative to the old, yet unchanging, furniture, is the most beautifully appraised version of old things.

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Bathroom decoration ideas; vintage bicycle bathroom design very interesting and beautiful.

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