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What does retro mean? Decorations made with goods and applications, which started from 1950s and lasted until the 1990s, feature iconic details called retro style decoration. Retro decoration is a frequently preferred decoration style in recent times because it adds energetic and lively atmosphere to popular living spaces of these periods. Retro furnishings with vibrant colors and comfortable details are also effective in creating a very pleasant look. Bringing together retro style furniture in the right way is important to reflect this style successfully.

We can distinguish retro-styled furniture models with their colors and the materials they produce.

The retro furniture is made of chrome, hard plastic or fiberglass.  Colored tables, printed pillowcases, patterned wallpapers are among the decorative products used to complement this style.

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retro look in the kitchen
retro living room

Material and color matching ensure that the accessories and furnishings that are connected together will bring you a pretty nice appearance when brought together in the right way.

Multicolored metal tables; wooden accessories, checkered patterns, contrast-colored pieces are in line with the details of retro furniture.

The colors that stand out in retro-style furniture and accessories are vivid and energetic colors. Among the shades of pink and tones, especially colors such as fusia, mustard yellow, mint and forest green, purple, denim blue, saffron yellow, oil green are among the colors that stand out in retro style.

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The colors dominated by these colors are dominated by black, white, wood and metal colors. For this reason, it is important to use retro designs that are especially vibrant and energetic.

Since excessiveness in decoration trends is never preferred, it is necessary to balance the colors.

Retro Decoration Lighting

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Wooden and metal pedestal paneling models are among the most prominent lighting designs in retro look. These lighting details, which are in very good harmony with retro style furniture models, have remarkable details.

You can complete the style of decoration with retro lighting products with large and imposing designs.

Wooden materials are often used in retro style with knitted details. It is very easy to get a decorative look with these designs, such as lace, weave and embroidery, Crystal living room lamps and decorative floor lamps are among the outstanding lighting products in retro style.

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Areas You Can Use Retro Style

The areas where you can use the elements of retro decoration are actually all areas of your house.

There are different ways to use retro style in living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Using retro-style furnishings in lounge decorations, complementing them with minimal and modern accessories will give you a pretty nice look. In the bathrooms you can choose retro colors and patterns in parts such as mats and shower curtains.

retro bathroom

You can use the new generation of retro small home appliances that come in the foreground to get a retro style in the kitchens, and you can choose retro models in kitchen furniture selections.

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Retro Kitchen Design

Curtains, chairs or couch upholstery and carpet, you can create retro style using colorful and patterned models.

retro look

Chestnut sofa models are among the most impressive designs of retro style. You can integrate your living spaces successfully with a retro style with a sofa model that adapts to your living spaces successfully with modern fabrics and patterns.

chesterfield chair
chester sofa
retro bedroom design



Decorating is the most important thing. If you decide to decorate your living room, firstly you have to choose your style and ask yourself what is the most inspirational decorating , is that idea matches your style?

I will examine each decoration style for you in a different title

These are the styles: Bohemian, Retro, Pop- Art, Provence, Modern, Minimal, Classic, Scandinavian, Morocco

If you have colourful personality you should check out this:Bohemian Style
BOHEMIAN: It is a linguistic use that began in the late 19th century and continued to manifest itself in the 20th century; the concept it represents is as old as art history.

In order to bring it to the bohemian style, the contrast and the differences must be brought together in harmony. It is very important that these differences are brought together skillfully, not indiscriminately.

Bohemian style which is colorful, various decoration model makes you feel very energetic. If you want to make Bohemian Style changes in your home, you can combine vintage style with modern furnishings. You can prove to your guests how authentic products, fabric materials, bright colors and different patterns can be used to make a difference.

You should reflect the ethnic spirit on the seat fabrics

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The colorful chandelier is the most important detail of boho living room decoration.

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Another important issue is the pillows… You can use different kinds of pillows in different colors, motifs and different designs.
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This houses fully embraces bohemian style

The carpets are also very important to capture the bohemian style…

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In short, if you want to apply bohemian style in your home, you have to pay attention to colors of home accessories, designs, candlesticks and candles, chandeliers, pillows, veils and tulle.

If you are a type of person who likes to be different and unique, who loves ethnic stuff, bohemian style is just for you.
I hope these ideas will help you in your new decor. See you soon again in new post about decoration. Keep enjoy and feel better while you are decorating your home!