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The marin style that carries the spirit of the summer to your homes is a style that has emerged naturally in the areas of America that have been nested in the sea like New Port Island. In this style, you can carry the spirit of summer into your homes through some accessories You can apply nautical style in every area of ​​your home interior decoration. You need to pay attention to only a few important points for this: The main theme of this style is to move the items belonging to the yachts and the sea to the interiors.

For this reason, use decor accessories such as rope, rudder, anchor, sea shell, starfish,

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In furniture and textile products

use all the shades of blue as blue, turquoise and combine them with white,

Use light colors on your walls and floor,

To consolidate the marine touch in the room, use coral red in a small number of accessories,

Use your furniture choices for products with raw wood,

As a lighting product, choose products in the form of a sea lantern,

Frames will hang on the walls include sea shell, starfish etc. inside,

on your table, use fish or sea shell patterned products,

Use products made from linen and cotton fabrics in textile products.

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The aim of the nautical decor is to create a spacious and natural environment in the room. Therefore, while creating this style, you should stay away from the color turbulence. It is already so that the colors, patterns and accessories of the style are made up of very clear lines. In colors, blue and blue tones must be used, these should be combined with white. In textile products, products used in sea and sailor items should be preferred. At the same time, blue-and-white striped designs will adapt to everything as an indispensable feature of this style.

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Especially in the style of this spacious decoration which is shown as a reflection of decoration of all elements belonging to the sea, the role of textile products is quite big.

In areas such as the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom, you can use sea elements such as seashells, rudder and anchor, and rope or fishing nets which are related to the sea.

Nautical kitchen decor

Nautical Dish

The wonderful harmony of blue and white will make your home decor an incredible refreshment.

Among the home textile products that you will choose in this sense are marine themed pillows, bedding sets, decorative curtains, carpets and kilims, decoration products that you should definitely use in your home and beautiful decorative pillows that you can use in every area of ​​the house.

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These fresh styles of maritime enthusiasts can give you different ideas and your house can have as relaxing and spacious a view as the seaside houses.

Nautical decoration of bathrooms; the most important thing is bathroom vanities… here is the most beautiful bathroom ideas.


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Decorating is the most important thing. If you decide to decorate your living room, firstly you have to choose your style and ask yourself what is the most inspirational decorating , is that idea matches your style?

I will examine each decoration style for you in a different title

These are the styles: Bohemian, Retro, Pop- Art, Provence, Modern, Minimal, Classic, Scandinavian, Morocco

If you have colourful personality you should check out this:Bohemian Style
BOHEMIAN: It is a linguistic use that began in the late 19th century and continued to manifest itself in the 20th century; the concept it represents is as old as art history.

In order to bring it to the bohemian style, the contrast and the differences must be brought together in harmony. It is very important that these differences are brought together skillfully, not indiscriminately.

Bohemian style which is colorful, various decoration model makes you feel very energetic. If you want to make Bohemian Style changes in your home, you can combine vintage style with modern furnishings. You can prove to your guests how authentic products, fabric materials, bright colors and different patterns can be used to make a difference.

You should reflect the ethnic spirit on the seat fabrics

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The colorful chandelier is the most important detail of boho living room decoration.

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Another important issue is the pillows… You can use different kinds of pillows in different colors, motifs and different designs.
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This houses fully embraces bohemian style

The carpets are also very important to capture the bohemian style…

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In short, if you want to apply bohemian style in your home, you have to pay attention to colors of home accessories, designs, candlesticks and candles, chandeliers, pillows, veils and tulle.

If you are a type of person who likes to be different and unique, who loves ethnic stuff, bohemian style is just for you.
I hope these ideas will help you in your new decor. See you soon again in new post about decoration. Keep enjoy and feel better while you are decorating your home!